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Teaching Resources for Faculty: Schedule a Research Instruction Session

We're here to help you incorporate library skills into your classes, as well as help you brush up on new tools that might be helpful for your own research. We offer: in-class workshops, customized research guides, one-on-one consultations, and much more.

Library Instruction

To schedule a Library Instruction session, please contact Research Support Services.

Sessions may include:

  • introducing students to basic steps in the research process.
  • giving students hands-on experience in locating and evaluating the content of information they find.
  • helping students understand citing sources and sharing in the scholarly discussion within a discipline.'

We can hold sessions here at the library, in your classroom, or online.

Meet with a Librarian Option

Don't want to take time from your classes?

Have your students meet with a librarian one-on-one instead!

Students make appointments with a librarian for a given assignment, and ask the questions THEY want to know the answers to!

meet with a librarian button

Examples of previous sessions

Depending on the research assignment and student skill level, the structure of a library instruction session may vary. Here are examples of sessions we've recently taught:


20 minutes Demo of where to search for information written by or about a philosopher of choice
ENG130 1 full class period For what may be a student's first college research paper, an interactive library session moving from research topic formation to search strategy, and exploration of general library databases to access research materials
MKT322  1 full class period Assuming some previous library research experience, session organized around in-depth exploration of specialized resources for a research project
PSY225 2 full class periods For a research methods class: 1st session providing instruction and learning activities in specialized resources; 2nd session providing independent research time for students with professor and librarian support


The Newest Study from Project Information Literacy (2018)

You can access the data from this project here:

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What Assumption Students Tell Us

Research Instruction Session Pre-Session Survey Results 2015-2016