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ARH 125 - Chase: Find & Use eBooks

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KEYWORDS to use:

gothic romanesque
rococo neoclassical
cubism pop art
impressionism post impressionism
roman art greek art
egyptian art medieval art
renaissance art italian art


  • You can basically look up a combination of the historical time period, or country, and then add "AND art".
  • You may need to look up both the artist or artwork and style. EXs: Picasso AND Cubism  Or "Girl with a Pearl Earring" AND Vermeer.
  • *note with phrases, use " ".
  • You can also include the words : criticism, analysis, or interpretation as additional words to help the search.
  • Remember to look at the reference lists to find more on your topic, or similar articles.

Limit your search to eBooks

Once you have entered a term in the search bar, you come to this screen. 

Limit on the left for TYPE of RESOURCE > eBook


Search an eBook

Once you've entered your term in the search-bar, select a book to search and read:

Select, "Read Online" to see the chapters to select, or search within the text:

Then you can search within for your terms to skim the chapter or book for relevant information:

Then you can also download chapters, save .pdf, print or a multitude of things: