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ARH 125 - Chase: Print Books

Location on the Shelf

Art books are located in the N Range of Books.

N Visual arts
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
ND Painting
NE Print media
NK Decorative arts
NX Arts in general

WAM Books @ Assumption

An image of the work you selected may appear in one of these WAM books.

Find Books


  • You may need to look up both, Picasso AND Cubism to find good resources. Or "Girl with a Pearl Earring" AND Vermeer.
  • To tell the catalog to search for a phrase, place the phase inside of "quotation marks."
  • You can also try including the words : criticism, analysis, or interpretation.
  • Remember to look at the bibliographies of works, to find more on your topic.
  • Limit your search to "Reference" if you just need a quick definition.

No Books About Your Artist?

Try looking for sources that talk about the "school" or movement your artist is related to, like Dutch Genre Painting, post-Impressionism, or Flemish Still Life.
Even if these sources don't mention your artist by name, you can discover what was *typical* of this type of work, and then you can determine whether your painting fits well with other works of the period/location, or whether it is a departure.

Print Reference Books

If your chosen work depicts a folk tale, biblical or mythological story, or a symbol, you try consulting any of these Reference Books: