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HRS 200 - Addiction: Find Books and Videos

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Do No Harm: The Opioid Epidemic

Do No Harm: The Opioid Epidemic (2018) - Narrated by Golden Globe®-winning actor Ed Harris, this 90-minute feature unravels the unintentional web of co-conspirators and sheds light on the suspicious circumstances that have led to the opioid crisis.


Addiction (2018) - Hear firsthand from individuals struggling with addiction and follow the cutting-edge work of doctors and scientists as they investigate why addiction is not a moral failing, but a chronic, treatable medical condition.

Dr. Feelgood (2016 film) - The case of Dr. William Hurwitz educates audiences on the complexities involved in opioid painkiller prescriptions.

Sobriety Road 

Sobriety Road (2019) - This full feature documentary includes interviews with individuals struggling with addiction, their families, inmates and professionals in the field.

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