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BIO 375 Neuroscience: Helpful Resources

Primary Source Examples

  • The AUTHOR did the research study or scientific experiment
  • Includes the methods, results, discussion sections
  • Papers and proceedings from scientific conferences or meetings
  • Dissertations and Theses
  • Technical Reports
  • Patents

Secondary Source Examples

Secondary sources in the SCIENCES will have these words: meta-analysis, systematic review, or literature review.

  • The AUTHOR did not do the study/experiment her/himself.
  • Remarks about the significance of research or experiments
  • Reviews the results of several experiments or trials
  • Analysis of a clinical trial
  • Letters to the editor, editorials, perspectives, etc.

Critically Evaluate

Quality Questions:

  1. Is the author an expert in their field? Who sponsored the article?
  2. Is it current? What is the pub. date?
  3. Is it peer reviewed? 

Content Questions:

  1. What is the research question?
  2. What is the primary methodology used?
  3. How was the data gathered?
  4. How is the data presented?
  5. What are the main conclusions?
  6. Are these conclusions reasonable?
  7. What theories are used to support the researcher's conclusions?

APA Handouts and Guides

APA provides detailed guidance on each aspect of APA Style and Grammar at the following links:

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