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School Counseling: Websites

Use this guide to begin research for coursework in the area of School Counseling.

Education, Counseling, and Psychology Websites

Checking the facts

Google it! You already know HOW to do this! 
  • If you read something, verify it by seeing what other sites on Google are saying (both about the claim AND the author).
  • If it's a retweet/share: What was the date for the original story?
  • Check for previous work: Look around to see if someone else has already fact-checked the claim 
Check Wikipedia! Even checking Wikipedia is better than not checking at all. 
  • Don't know an author? Check Wikipedia. Check Google if there's not a Wikipedia entry. Check what they've written before or what people are saying!
  • Wikipedia has a reference list. Check those references.
Reverse Image Search on Google
  • Paste or upload the image into Google to see where else the photo appears
  • Was it re-used in a different way online? Most web content is NOT original!
Check your own feelings
  • Are you feeling emotional? Happy, Sad, Angry? This is a trigger to SHARE without fact checking! Stop, and check the claim.
  • Do you have a bias on the topic already. Watch for that too, and check the claims you agree with as much as those you don't.