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Statistical Sources: Start Here

Finding Statistics

Statistics are published both online and in print.  Publishers include the local and federal government, international agencies, private companies, and organizations.  Recording of statistics is sometimes mandated by law, and government statisics will change over the years. While using print statistics, be aware of the publication date and relevance for your needs. 

The best strategy for finding statistics is to identify the stakeholders (governments, companies, organizations) and do a thorough search of their publications and Internet pages.  The resources in this guide are good places to start you statistical research. 


If you want to search for an association (stakeholder) by your subject (education, taxes, dogs, etc.) use this Gateway.


Data Sets

Are you doing any applied research? Need direction? 

Cornell University has a tutorial on sociological research methods, and CHOOSING your statistics and HOW to use them.

Below are great places to find various data sets:

Subject Guide

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Books for Statistics