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MGT 400 - Business Strategy: Search Tips

Search Tips

Use these search tips to narrow or broaden your database search.

Tip        Example                      Result
" " "world wide web" Retrieves results containing the exact phrase in quotes.
* overwhelm* Truncation: Retrieves overwhelm, overwhelmed, etc.
AND internet AND overload Narrows the search to entries containing both terms.
OR internet OR "world wide web" Broadens the search to entries containing either term.


Try putting each concept from your search in a separate search box.  Note that the boxes are joined with "AND" by default in the database, so the results will include all of your concepts.  Within each box, you can then use "OR" to specify synonyms or related word so the database will check them all.

For example, if you want to research how internet overload affects college students, you might try the following database search:

internet OR "world wide web" OR technology


overload OR overwhelm* OR stress*


"college student*" OR "young adult*" OR "higher education"