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ECO 111 - Macroeconomics: Where to start

Find a Topic

Finding a topic:

1. Think about what ideas have interested you during class discussions or readings.

2. Look through newspapers, magazines or journals, such as Economist, Business Week, Time, Wall Street Journal, for ideas.

3. Have you seen or heard anything interesting through other media outlets?

Example idea for a topic:


What do I want to know about sweatshops?

   Who runs them or works in them?  Is there an economic impact? Where are they located? What industries use them?

Narrow down your topic:

The economic impact of using sweatshop labor in Bangladesh.

Designing Search Strategies

This worksheet focuses on developing search strategies from your research question which you can use when looking for journal articles in databases.  This process is designed to produce more effective searching and more productive search results.

Advanced Keyword Strategies