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eBooks: Overview

The d'Alzon Library has an extensive collection of eBooks, searchable from our library search bar. These eBooks cover a variety of disciplines including business, economics, technology, engineering, humanities, arts, and sciences.

Our Recommendations

  • Download chapters instead of the entire book whenever possible.
  • The Library Search Bar is the best place to start searching for an eBook.
  • Some eBook titles have restrictions on the number of users who can access it at the same time, so if you're done reading an eBook, close your browser tab to end your session (and release the eBook so someone else can read it).

When you do a full book 'check out,' make sure you log into your personal account when you try to access the book on a different device.

What you need to know about using eBooks

Using an eBook (e-bookebookeBook, or digital book) at an academic library is different than personal eBooks or eBooks you get from a public library.  

Due to copyright restrictions, the number of chapters or pages you will be able to print or copy may be limited by the publisher and/or vendor. 

Each eBook will have different limits for what can be printed, copied, or downloaded; some eBooks may only be viewed by one person at a time, while others have unlimited access. When downloading, some eBooks will allow you to select how long you would like to keep your book; if you select 7 days, it will be 7 days until another user can use that book.

EBooks can be read on a variety of devices and dedicated eBook readers using specially designed eBook software. See the Download tab for instructions, and the Troubleshooting Tips tab for specifics.

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