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Teaching Resources for Faculty: Live Session

Library Instruction

To schedule a Library Instruction session, please contact Research Support Services.

Sessions may include:

  • introducing students to basic steps in the research process.
  • helping students focus a topic that is researchable.
  • giving students hands-on experience in searching and locating information.
  • teaching evaluation of the information they find.
  • helping students understand citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.

Sessions are done through either in-person or on Zoom and may be:

  • 15 minute pop-in sessions to show a skill
  • 45-75 minute half or full class sessions to cover multiple areas
  • one-on-one sessions that you've required your students to meet with a librarian

Examples of previous sessions

Depending on the research assignment and student skill level, the structure of a library instruction session may vary. Here are examples of sessions we've recently taught:


20 minutes Demo of where to search for information from the library website and search a specific database to find articles.
ENG130 1 full class period An interactive library session moving from research topic formation to search strategy. Followed by exploration of general library databases, and  then how to access research materials.
MKT322  1 partial class period Assuming some previous library research experience, session organized around in-depth exploration of specialized resources and assignment.
PSY225 2 partial-full class periods Research Methods: 1st session providing overall instruction in specialized resources; 2nd session providing evaluation of sources and citation instruction. Option to require one-on-one appointments following a session.