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2022 Teaching Resources for Faculty: Self-paced Tutorials

Self-paced Library Tutorials in Google Forms

These tutorials can be adapted/embedded in your course.

To embed or link, once you've copied the form to your personal Google Drive and have made any edits, click the Send button, then Send Via < > to copy/paste the Embed HTML, or click on the link button to send the URL.

Creating a focused research question for your assignment

This interactive tutorial will help students develop and narrow their topic focus appropriate to the research assignment.

Evaluating Sources 

Students will learn strategies for critical evaluation of information in order to select credible sources for their assignment.

Research 101

This tutorial covers topic refinement, keywords for searching, scholarly v. popular sources, and finding articles through the library search bar.

Finding Articles for Social Sciences & Humanities

The tutorial covers keywords for searching, finding articles in library search bar, JSTOR, and Google Scholar.

Be a Research Skeptic Using the SIFT Method

In this tutorial, learn to use Mike Caulfield's "Four Moves" for evaluating sources like a fact-checker.


An evaluation tutorial developed by CIVIX, a Canadian organization dedicated to teaching students how to be engaged, informed citizens is FakeOut.

Designed to look like a social media feed, students attempt to determine whether each post is true or false.

Preview the FakeOut learning tool by clicking the image above.

If you'd like to assign FakeOut to your class, use this link: