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Health Advocacy: Find Books

Contains information on the general subject as well as specific course information.


Finding it on the shelf

The book's call number is like its address on the shelf. 

Screenshot of Book Record with Call Number

The call number on the book will be vertical, rather than horizontal.  In order to locate the book on the shelf, work your way through the lines:

                Find the books in the PZ section.

                Within the PZ section, find the books with 7 in the call number.

                Within the PZ  7 section, find the books with .G, then 8233, etc. until you have worked your way through the call number.

If the call number is preceded by REF, the book may be on the first floor and must be used in the Library.  Most other books will be on the third floor unless they are labeled as Oversized and available on the second floor.

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Finding Books

When searching the catalog for books on a topic, begin with a Keyword search in the Books Tab of the Search Bar on our homepage. 

Your search terms should be fairly broad (example: autism and children).  You may get a lot of results so use the left sidebar to limit these.

If your first search doesn't work, change your keywords and try again.  You'll never get the perfect search on the first try (even librarians don't!).  Try thinking of synonyms, narrower terms, broader terms, etc.

Once you find one or two good books, write down the call number. This tells you where it's located in the library. When you find the book on the shelf, take a look at the other books on the shelf.  They may be helpful as well! 

If a book you want is unavailable, you can request an Interlibrary Loan: