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Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste Archives and Special Collections : a Collection of Franco-American Resources at the Assumption University Library: Vertical File Q-R

Vertical File Q-R

Quebec (Province) - Census

Quebec (Province) - Description and Travel

Quebec Govn.

Quebec (Province) - Politics and Government

Quebec (Province) - Social Life and Customs

Quebec (City) - Description

Quebec (Archdiocese)

Quebec Campaign, 1759

Quebec Update

Quebec - Wallonie (Periodical)

Quintal, Claire

Raboin Family, See Lemaitre-Auger Family

Racine Family

Radisson, Pierre Esprit, 1635-1710

Rale, Sebastien, S.J., 1657?-1724

Rappe, Louis Amadeus, BP., 1801-1877 (First Bishop of Cleveland, Ohio)

Ratti, Achille, See Pius XI (Achille Ratti) Pope 1857-1939

Recipes, See Cookery

Recollets - Canada

Redford, N.Y. - Assumption of the B.V.M. (Parish)

Reilly, Daniel P., BP., 1928- 

Religious of Jesus and Mary

Remillard Family

Revere, Paul, 1735-1818

Rheaume Family

RI Dept. of State Library Services

Rhode Island History

Rhode Island Geneological Society

Rhode Island Historical Society

Rhode Island Interrelated Library Network (Rhilinet)

Richelieu International

Richard, Gabriel, P.S.S., 1767-1832

Richard, Julien - J., Abbe, 1856- (Saint Louis de Gonzague de Nashua)

Riel, Louis

Rioux Family

Rivier, Anne Marie, BL., 1768-1838

Rivier College, Nashua, NH

Robert, Gerald Jacques, 1910-

Robert, Adolphe, 1886-1966

Robert Family

Robert (dit) Saint-Amant Family (See Lemaitre-Auger Family)

Robitaille, Abbe Henri-J., 1913-

Robichaud, Norbert, ABP.

Rochambeau, Jean Baptiste, 1725-1807 (Donation de Vimeur, Comte de)

Rocheleau, Corinne (Mrs. Wilfred Rouleau) 1881-1963

Rocheleau, Elise-A. (See Rocheleau, Corinne (Mrs. Wilfred Rouleau) 1881-1963)

Rochester, NH, Holy Rosary (Parish)

Roncalli, Angelo Giuseppe (See John XXIII (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli) Pope 1881-1963)

Rondeau Family

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Pres., US, 1882-1945

Rosary, Congregation of Our Lady of the Holy

Roudier (dit) Saintonge

Rouleau, Raymond-Marie, O.P., Cardinal, 1866-1931

Rouleau, Mrs. Wilfrid (See Rocheleau, Corinne (Mrs. Wilfred Rouleau) 1881-1963)

Routhier, Wilfrid Arthur, MGR 1887-

Roy, Elphege E.

Rumford, Maine. St. Athanasius-St. John (Parish)

Ryan, Edward Francis, BP., 1879-1956