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Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste Archives and Special Collections : a Collection of Franco-American Resources at the Assumption University Library: L'Union Photograph Collection -- People


The Union newspaper was published by the USJB from 1902-1996.  The purpose was to provide a link between the leadership of the society and its members.  The newspaper started publishing articles on genealogy in the 1980's. The newspaper was published in French from 1902-1979 and in French and English 1980-1996.

Below is a list of photographic prints of people from the Union photo collection.

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People




Miscellaneous negatives

Adam, ?

Taftville, Connecticut

Alphand, Hervé

Angell, Kenneth Anthony, Bishop, 1930-

Angers, Olier H.

Hartford, Connecticut

Archambault, Adelard, 1862-1923

Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, c. 1917

Archambault, Aleric Amadee, ?-1950

Judge, Rhode Island Superior Court

Archambault, Dewey G.

Mayor, Lowell, Massachusetts, c. 1936

Archambault, Paul A., 1946-, Reverend

Archambault, Raoul

Asselin, Roméo D.

Warren, Rhode Island

Aubuchon, William E.

Auclair, Douglas P., 1871-1914

Bureau General, USJB 1906; Jewett City, Connecticut

Audet, Jean Frederic, Reverend, 1842-1917

Founder of the St François Xavier Parish, Winooski, Vermont

Auger, Emile

Avery, N.P.

Mayor, Holyoke, Massachusetts, c. 1908

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

B (unknown)

2 children, boy and girl, in front of fireplace at Christmas, c. 1955

Bachand, Jean Marie

Putnam, Connecticut. Photo from banquet in Jean Marie Bachand's honor

Bachand, Joseph D., Doctor., 1882-?

St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Baillargeon, Pierre

Quebec Government Delegate to New England

Balthazar, Noé F., 1876-1936

Hudson, Massachusetts


Barrette, Joseph V., Reverend

Saint Anne Parish, Linwood, Michigan

Barrieau, Moise J.

Sanford, Maine

Barron, Michael P.

Bartlett, Theodore A.

National director of USJB; Southbridge, Massachusetts

Bastien, Leopold, Monsignor, 1906-1966

Bateson, Gregory, Mrs.

See Mead, Margaret

Baudrillart, Alfred, Cardinal, 1859-1942

Member of the French Academy and one of France's foremost sacred orators

Beauchamp, Joseph Octave, 1868-?

Beauchnesne, Edouard J., 1885-1924

USJB General Board member, 1918-1921; Concord, New Hampshire

Beaudet, Arthur J., 1885-1957

Manchester, New Hampshire

Beaudet, Gerard B.

Beaudet, Lionel E.

Beaudreau, Raoul H.

Beaudry, Raymond W.

Beaudry, Wilfrid J., 1878-1963

General Counsel for USJB; Holyoke, Massachusetts

Beaulieu, Paul A.

Consul Canadien à Boston, Massachusetts

Beauparlant, ?

Syracuse, New York

Beaven, Thomas Daniel, Bishop, ?-1920

Bedard, Joseph Armand, ?-1932

Lynn, Massachusetts

Begin, Roger N., 1952-

Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island, 1889-1993

Belanger, André A. Doctor.

Belanger, J.V.E., Reverend

Hartford, Connecticut

Belhumeur, Arthur

Central Falls, Rhode Island

Beliveau, Albert

Rumford, Maine; Supreme Judical Court of Maine

Believeau, Severin

Bellerose, Albéric, H. 1866-1934

Belliveau, Arthur, Archbishop

Belliveau, Leopold

Moncton, New Brunswick

Benjamin, Mary E.

Benoit, Josaphat T., 1900-1976

Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, c. 1948

Benoit, Paul H., 1916-1993

State Senator of Massachusetts; Southbridge, Massachusetts

Bergeron, Achille L., Reverend, 1856-1921

Notre Dame, Chicago, Illinois

Bergeron, Albert A. Reverend

Bergeron, Arthur

Mayor, Berlin, New Hampshire, c. 1935

Bernard, William A., Doctor, 1875-1937

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Bernardin, Brother

See Gagne, Paul

Bernashe, Roger L.

Massachusetts' House of Representatives 1959-1971; Massachusetts Senate 1971-1979

Bernier, Edward E. and family

Plattsburg, New York

Bernier, Ferdinand F. Doctor., 1847-1925

Sanford, Maine

Bernier, Louis De G., 1906-1979

Insurance agent for USJB

Berthiaume, Alphonse

Watertown, Connecticut

Berthiaume, Joseph L.

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Bérubé, Albert, Monsignor, 1892-?

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Berube, Georette B.

Lewiston, Maine

Berube, Louis D., Monsignor

Vicar-general of the diocese of Ogdensburg, New York

Bessette, Joseph C., Monsignor, 1851-1925

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Bibeau, Louis

Vice Consul du Canada à Boston, Massachusetts

Bibeault, Rodolphe V.

Treasuer USJB 

Bisson, Alexis F., 1868-?

Bissonnette, Ernest Reverend 

St. Helena's Church, Enfield, New Hampshire

Bissonnette, Georges, AA, 1921-?

President of Assumption college, 1968-1971

Blain, Lionel A. Reverend

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Blanchard, Edouard, Reverend

Malone, New York

Bodette, Alexandre

Director of the drive in Champlain, New York

Boisvert, Antoinette

Boivin, Omer E., 1890-1989

Fall River, Massachusetts

Bonneau, Alfred

Biddeford, Maine

Bonvouloir, Armand, 

North Adams, Massachusetts

Bonvouloir, Pierre, 1854-1932

Holyoke, Massachusetts

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Boucher, Alfred J.

Mayor, Somersworth, New Hampshire, c. 1935

Boucher, Joseph A., Doctor

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Boucher, Marguerite

USJB National Board Member

Boucher, Philippe

Treasuer USJB, c. 1900's; Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Boudreau, Alexandre

Boulet, Jean-Baptiste, Monsignor

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Bourassa, Henri, 1868-1952

Bourassa, Hormisdas, 1883-?

Manchester, New Hampshire

Bourbeau, Edmond J., 1855-1936

Bourgeault, Joseph

Chicago, Illinois

Bourgeois, J.

Boutiette, Eugene M.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island Photo. Taken Oct. 1958

Boutin, Joseph, H., 1887-1958

Boyer, Alexis

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Branchaud, Henry H.

Mayor, Rutland, Vermont 1935-1938

Brault, Domina J., 1887-1966, Monsignor

Brault, Louis

Bourbonnais, Illinois

Brazeau, Jean Baptiste S., 1850-1936

Brazeau, Marie Therese

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Bricaut Lamarche, Charles

See Lamarche, Charles Bricaut

Brideau, Alfred J. , 1921-2003

2nd Vice President of USJB, c.1981

Briere, Francois, 1902-?

French Consul, Boston, Massachusetts

Brillant, Elzébert

Brunswick, Maine

Brindamour, Albert H., 1922-, Reverend

Manville, Rhode Island

Brisson, Ernest, 1889-?

Hartford, Connecticut

Brochu, ?

Amesbury, Massachusetts

Brochu, Eugene D., Doctor

Salem, Massachusetts

Brochu, Georges E., Monsignor

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Brodeur, ?

Brodeur, Adhémar A., 1878-?

General Counsel for USJB; Putnam, Connecticut

Brodeur, Edouard A., 1880-?

Worcester, Massachusetts

Brodeur, Francois Xavier, 1859-?

Brodeur, J. H., ?-1946, Reverend

Brodeur, Raphael

Cadillac, Michigan

Brodeur, Theophile

Adams, Massachusetts; director of 1921 drive

Brosseau, Z.P.

Chicago, Illinois

Brunelle, D.B., ?-1945, Reverend

Brunelle, Lionel J., Reverend

Burqe, Henri A.

Superior Court Judge; Nashua, New Hampshire, c. 1921

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Cadieux, Marcel, 1915-?

Canadain Ambassador to the United States c. 1972

Cadorette, Edmond, 1874-?

USJB General Counsul; Torrington, Connecticut

Campbell, Robert J. Reverend

Campeau, Theophile Pierre, Monsignor

Notre Dame des Victories, Willow City, North Dakota

Carigan, Valmore, 1900-?

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Caron, Edgar

Nashua, New Hampshire

Caron, Ernest

Hartford, Connecticut

Caron, M.J.A.

USJB Secretary, 1900-1910; one of the founding fathers of the USJB

Caron, Rhea A., 1906-?

Fall River, Massachusetts

Caroon, Omer E., ?-1969

Nashua, New Hampshire

Carre, Ambroise Marie, Reverend

Paris, France

Carriere, J.N., ?-1942

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Cassidy, James E., Bishop

Fall River, Massachusetts

Caza, Percival, Bishop

Chagnon, Alphonse, 1862-1932

Chagnon, Francois Xavier, 1842-1911, Reverend

Champlain, New York

Chaput, W. René

Charbonneau, M. Reverend

Charland, Narcisse, Reverend

Waterville, Maine

Charmigny, François de

Chartier, Gérard M., Doctor

Danielson, Connecticut

Chartrand, Harry and wife

Chatillon, Claude C.E.

Canadain Consul in Boston; includes group photos froom USJB event c. 1963

Chevalier, Adelard L.

Greenfield, Massachusetts

Chevrier, J.B. Emile, 1871-?

Winooski, Vermont

Ciappi, Mario Luigi, 1909-?, Cardinal

Rome, Italy

Clement, Antoine

L'Alliance français de Lowell

Clermont, Antoine P., ?-1927, Reverend

Newport and Richmond, Vermont

Cloutier, Lucien E.

Cody, John Patrick, 1907-1982, Cardinal

Comtois, Lionel

Mayor, Winooski, Vermont, c.1943

Contant, René

Conte, Silvio

United States House of Representatives for Massachusetts, 1959-1991

Corbeil, J.L. Philip

Cormier, Hector

Ethnic Task Force

Cormier, Lucia M.

Coté, André

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Côté, Ange, Reverend

Lewiston, Maine

Coté, Aram O.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Coté, Armand H., 1909-?

Cote, J.H., ?-1938, Reverend

Amesbury, Massachusetts

Cournoyer, Léo Joseph, 1905-?

Crevier, Charles, Reverend

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Cross, Wilbur J., 1862-1948

Governor, Connecticut, 1931-1939

Croteau, Joseph E., 1882-?

Lewiston, Maine

Croteau, Thomas, Doctor

Chisholm, Maine

Cushing, Richard James, 1895-1970

Cardinal of Boston Archdiocese, 1944-1970

Cyr, Louis A., Judge

Cyr, Roger, Reverend

St. Mary of Lourdes, Lincoln, Maine

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Dagneau, Georges Henri

Représentant du ministére de affairs culturelles de la Provine de Québec

Dalpe, Florent M.

Bellingham, Massachusetts; National Director of USJB starting in 1989

Dame, J. Albert, ?-1961, Monsignor

Notre Dame des Victories, St. Johnsbury, Vermont

D'Aoust, J. Lévis, 1876-1934

Haverhill, Massachusetts

Dauray, Charles, 1838-1931, Monsignor

Précieux Sang Parish; Woonsocket, Rhode Island; Spiritual Director of USJB

Daviau, Arthur, 1870-?

Waterville, Maine

De Laboulaye, André

See Laboulaye, André

De Laboulaye, François

See Laboulaye, François De

De Pampelonne, Charles

See Pampelonne, Charles De

Deblois, Henri

Warren, Rhode Island; director of 1922 drive

Delaney, R. Wilford, 1901-?, Doctor

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Delisle, Jean Louis

General Consul of Canada to Bostoon

Demers, Adonat J., 1895-1947

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Demers, Armand H., 1908-1993

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Demers, Leonidas, B., 1860-1930

Demers, Telesphore

Sanford, Maine

Dénommé, Mélina Louise, 1872-?

Deprés, L.

Dequire, Michéle Thibodeau

Deroy, O'Neil

Mayor, Chicopee, Massachsetts

Déry, Armand O.

Dery, Henri, 1833-1966

Desautels, Antonio P.

Desautels, Armand H., A.A. Reverend

President of Assumption College 1952-1964

Desbiens, Joseph, 1889-?

Methuen, Massachusetts; General Consul USJB

Desimone, Herbert F.

Desjardin, Georges, Reverend

Desjardins, Lucien H., 1903-1980

Dever, Paul A., 1903-1958

Governor, Massachusetts 1949-1953

Dion, Ange Emil, ?-1934, Reverend

Dion, George E., 1911-?, Bishop

Dion, Hormisdas, 1855-1924

Willimantic, Connecticut; General Consul USJB

Dion, Louis, 1914-2001, A.A., Reverend

President of Assumption College 1964-1968

Dion, Philias

Taftville, Connecticut

Domengeaux, James

Douville, Charles O., 1861-1930

Greenfield, Massachusetts

Drapeau, William E., 1893-?, Monsignor

Dubé, Cléophas

South Berwick, Maine

Dubrule, J. Baptiste

Winooski, Vermont; Representative to Vermont state legislature

Dubuc, Emile

Pawtucket, Rhode Island; General Consul USJB

Dubuque, Hugo A., 1854-1928, Judge

Fall River, Massachusetts

Ducattillon, Vincent, Reverend

Paris, France

Duchaîne, Joseph P.

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Dufault, J.U.

Spencer, Massachusetts; director of 1922 drive

Dufault, Peter B., ?-1961, Monsignor

St. Joseph Church; Chicago, Illinois

Dufault, Wilfrid, J. A.A., 1907-2004

President of Assumption college, 1946-1947; Acting president of Assumption College, 1971-1972,1977-1978

Dugas, Louis Marcel, Monsignor

Cohoes, New York

Dumais, Marcel

Lewiston, Maine

Dupré, Guyon G., ?-1966, Doctor

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Dupré, Simeon C., 1877-1914

Brockton, Massachusetts

Dupré, Thomas, Bishop

Springfield, Massachusetts

Duprey, Hector

Durette, Jean Charles, ?-1965

DuRocher, Armand D.

Dutelle, Jeannette S.

Dutelle, Lorena

Hartford, Connecticut

Dwight, Donald

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Eisenhower, Dwight David, 1890-1960

U.S. President

Elie, Fred J.

Ogdensburg, New York

Eno, Arthur L., 1892-?

Erad, Emile J., 1881-1937

Eugene, F.I.C., Reverend Brother

Farlardeau, Ernest R., Reverend

Favreau, Joseph Arthur, 1873-1933

Boston, Massachusetts; includes memoriam booklet

Ferriere, Clara

Ferriere, Gerard O.

Fillion, Mathias

Excanaba, Michigan; Président général de L'Union des Sociétés Canadiennes Françaises de l'ouest en 1909

Flamion, Leo P.

Hartford, Connecticut; Representative of Franco-American veterans at Armisday Day, Paris France 1954

Flanagan, Bernard, 1908-1998

Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts, 1959-1983

Folster, John R., Reverend

Fall River, Massachusetts

Forcier, Achille

Claremont, New Hampshire

Forcier, Alcide

Keene, New Hampshire

Forcier, Alma,  1869-1936

Goodyear, Connecticut; includes picture of group in front of St. Mary Church, Willimantic, Connecticutt 1935

Forcier, Valmore

Foreier, Cecile

Forestier, S.M., Reverend

North Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fortier, Armand J.

Rumford, Maine

Fortier, William D.

Fortin, Fred

Waterville, Maine

Fournier, Cyrille, Reverend

Parish in Bourbonnais, Illinois

Fournier, Maurice C., 1913-?

Francoeur, Adrien J., Brother

Francoeur, Roland

Frappier, Edgar

USJB Treasurer

Frappier, Georges L., Reverend

Frappier, Lionel

Bellingham, Massachusetts

Fréchette, Louis-Honoré, 1839-1908

Fréchette, Victor, Mr. and Mrs.

Plattsburg, New York

Furcolo, Joseph, 1911-1995

Govenor of Massachusetts, 1957-1961

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Gaborit, Michel

Commander of frigate Bourdais

Gabriels, Henry, 1838-1921, Bishop

Ogdensburg, New York

Gagne, Paul

Gagnon, Robert H.

Gallant, Theodule

Ipswich, Massachusetts; Director off the 1922 drive

Garand, Philia, ?-1942, MGR

Ogdensburg, New York

Gariepy, Andre M., Reverend

Gaulin, Alphonse, 1874-1937

Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1903-1905

Gauthier, Henri E., 1896-1976, Doctor

Gauthier, Paul Marcel, 1910-2000, Reverend

Gauthier, Pierre H., 1883-1960, Reverend

Our Lady off Perpetual Help; Holyoke, Massachusetts

Gelinas, Romeo A., 1893-?

USJB General Consel; Manchester, New Hampshire

Gelineau, Joseph H., ?-1943, Reverend

West Springfield, Massachusetts

Gelineau, Louis Edward, 1928-

Bishop of Providence Rhode Island, 1972-1997

Gendron, Odore J., 1921-?, Bishop

Manchester, New Hampshire

Gendron, Romeo

USJB General Consel; Sanford, Maine

Généreau, J.A.

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Gerlier, Pierre-Marie, 1880-1965, Cardinal

French Cardinal; 4 folders

Gervais, Donald J., 1926-?, Reverend

Gibeault, Adelard

Cohoes, New York

Gilbert, Arthur Moise, Monsignor

St Ann, Mooers Forks, New York

Gilson, Etienne

Gingras, J. Adolphe, Doctor

Augusta, Maine.

Girouard, Joseph Arthur

Willimantic, Connecticut 

Giroux, J.M. Leon, 1867-1953, Monsignor

Gorski, John A.

High Chief Ranger, Catholic Order of Foresters

Gosselin, Jean

Gosselin, Leo A., 1910-?

Bellingham, Massachusetts (2 folders)

Gosselin, Paul-Emile, Monsignor

Gosselin, Romeo

West Hartford, Connecticut

Goulet, Lucien Oscar

Warren, Rhode Island 

Gouraud, Henri Eugéne, 1867-1946

French Military General

Goyette, Robert

Shirley, Massachusetts

Granger, Ambroise-David, Reverend

St. Rose of Lima; Kankakee, Illinois

Gravel, Arthur J., 1898-?, Monsignor

St. Cécile, Leominster, Massachusetts

Gravel, Maurice-Robert

United States Senator from Alaska, 1969-1981

Grenier, Edward J.

Grenier, Mrs.

Grenier, Pierre H., Reverend

Salem, Massachusetts

Grenier, R. Robert, 1929-

Grenier, Stephen, 1879-1974, Monsignor

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Grisoni, Charles

Groleau, Joseph

Muskegon, Michigan

Guertin, Amédée

Gilbertville, Massachusetts; Director of 1922 drive

Guertin, Georges-Albert, 1869-1931, Bishop

Manchester, New Hampshire (2 folders)

Guibault, Oscar A., 1902, Monsignor

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Guissard, Polyeucte, A.A.

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Hammond, Raoul

Boston, Massachusetts 

Harbour, P.C.

Chicago, Illinois

Harpin, Adelard J.,

Worcester, Massachusetts; Director of Gounod Male Quartette

Hebert, Felix

United States Senator from Rhode Island

Hebert, J. Adolphe, 1877-1936

Mayor of Van Buren, Maine

Hébert, Raymoond, Reverend

Hémond, Fernand, 1903-1960

West Warwick, Rhode Island

Henry-Haye, Gaston, 1890-1983

Vichy France Ambassador to the United States; (2 folders)

Herbert, John

Burlington, Vermont; Director of 1921 Drive

Herter, Christian A., 1895-1966

Houle, Cecile M.

Houle, Raymond T.

Hartford, Connecticut

Hurel, Gustave

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Hurtubise, Raoul, 1882-1955

Canadian politician

Hynes, John B., 1897-1970

Mayor of Boston, 1950-1960

Jacques, P.J.

Jalbert, Eugène Louis, 1885-1966

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Jalbert, Louis T.

Jalbert, Philias L., 1883-1946, Reverend

Notre Dame du Lourdes, Fall River, Massachusetts (3 folders)

Janelle, Louis

Nashua, New Hampshire

Jefferson, Howard E.

President of Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts

Jette, Donat M., 1893-?, Monsignor

John XXIII, Pope, 1881-1963

Joly, Louis

Mittineague, Massachusetts; Director of drive

Julien, Alfred R., 1909-?, Monsignor

Marlborough, Massachusetts

Keeseville, New York

Initation team for Conseil Charbonneau, No. 39

Keyser, F. Ray, 1927-2015

Governor of Vermont, 1961-1963

Kosciusko-Morizet, Jacques, 1913-1944

French ambassador to the United States, 1972-1977

Labossiere, Jean Baptiste, 1864-?, Monsignor

Saint Joseph Church, Salem, Massachusetts

Laboulaye, André De, 1876-1966

French Ambassador to the United States, 1933-1937; see photo O-F-3; inscribed to the USJBA

Laboulaye, François De, 1917-1996

French Ambassador to the United States, 1977-1981

Lachance, Aristide J., 1867-?

St. Johnsbury, Vermont (2 folders)

Lachance, Normand W., 1904-?

USJB Secretary General, circa 1955; (3 folders)

Laflamme, Eugène C., Monsignor

Laflamme, J. Clovis K.

Lewiston, Maine; Director of 1921 Drive

Lafond, L. Raoul, 1876-1940

Lewiston, Maine

Lafond, Peter

Kankakee, Ill

Lafontaine, Louis P.

Champlain, New York

Lafrance, Alphonse E., 1880-?

Fall River, Massachusetts

Lafrance, Auguste P., 1909-?

Rhode Island

Laliberte, Joseph Alfred, 1868-1955, Monsignor

(2 folders)

Lalime, Alfred J.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Lalonde, Arthur, 1878-?

Cohoes, New York

Lamarche, Charles Bricaut, 1870-1940, Bishop

Lamontagne, Charles H., 1906-1968

Salem, Massachusetts

Lamoureaux, Albert J., 1885-?

Gardner, Massachusetts

Lamoureaux, L. P.

North Grosvenordale, Connecticut

Lamoureaux, Serge O.

Lamoureaux, Wilfred J.

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Lamy, A.P., Reverend

Dunseith, North Dakota

Landry, Adelard, ?-1930, Reverend

Springfield, Massachusetts

Landry, Thomas Marie, 1909-?, Reverend

Fall River, Massachusetts

Lanouette, Edward, 1925-1970, Reverend

Lantagne, Alfred, 1888-?

Biddeford, Maine

Lapalme, Georges E.

Laporte, Aldéric J., 1880-?

Bay City, Michigan

Laramee, Edouard C., 1857-1932, Reverend

L'Assomption, Redford, New York

Laramée, Pierre J.

Willimantic, Connecticut

Larivière, François Xavier, Reverend

Christ Roi, Hudson, Massachusetts

Larocque, Emile, 1853-1934

Malone, New York

Larocque, Maurice J., 1890-1959

Malone, New York

Larose, Pierre O., 1846-1918, Monsignor

Ogdensburg, New York

Lausier, Roy

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Lauzon, J. Rodrigue, ?-1944, Reverend

Lavallee, Leon A.

Laverdière, Gédéon, Reverend

Laverriere, Norman C.

Biddeford, Maine

Lavigne, Alfred J.

St. Johnsbury, Vermont

LeBlanc, Camille André, Bishop

LeBlanc, Gaspard D.

Waterbury, Connecticut

LeBlond, Blanche Pilette

See LeBlond, Philippe

LeBlond, Philippe, 1907-1980

Barre, Vermont

Leboef, Telesphore

Webster, Massachusetts

Leclair, C.J.

Buriel Monument in Danielson, Connecticut

Leclerc, Napoléon, 1861-1914, Reverend

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Leclerc, Raphaël

Sanford, Maine

Ledoux, Henri T., 1873-1970

Nashua, New Hampshire; President of the USJB from 1911-1946

LeDuc, Lionel B., 1905-1985

Lefaivre, J. Georges, 1876-1931

Syracuse, New York

Leflem, Charles, Reverend

North Cambridge, Massachusetts

Leger, Paul Emile, 1904-1991

Cardinal, Montréal, Canada (2 folders)

Legris, G.M., ?-1934, Monsignor

Bourbonnais, Illinois

Legris, Jean M., 1889-?

Arctic, Rhode Island

Lemaire, Charles P.

Mayor of Lewiston, Maine, circa 1921

Lemaire, Normand

Lemelin, Emile, 1899-?

Manchester, New Hampshire

LeMercier, Reverend

Founder of Notre Dame Church, Ogdensburg, New York

LeMieux, Archibald R., 1874-1973

LeMoine, Albert Z.

Framingham, Massachusetts

Léonard, Joseph Romuald, 1876-1931, Bishop

Rimouski, Quebec

LePage, J.A.

Torrington, Connecticut

Lepoutre, Jacques, 1893-1956

Of Woonsocket, Rhode Island; Founder and president of the Verdun Mills in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Lepoutre, Louis

LeRoy Audy, Emile, 1876-?

Chicago, Illinois

Lesieur, M.

Lessard, Eugene, 1859-1929, Reverend

Saint Jacques Church, Manville, Rhode Island

Lessard, Wilfrid J.

Manchester, New Hampshire

Letarte, Ovide, 1894-1980

Westbrook, Maine; Director of 1921 Drive

LeVeer, Arthur J., Reverend

Holy Angels' Church St. Albans, Vermont

Léveillé, Albert, 1907-?, Reverend

Saint Cecilia's Church, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Levesque, Raymond E., 1903-?

Gardner, Massachusetts

Lodge, John D.

Governor of Connecticut, circa 1954

Loiselle, Bernard

Longley, James B., 1924-1980

Governor of Maine, 1975-1979

Lucet, Charles, 1910-1990

French Ambassador to the United States, 1965-1972

Lussier, Edgar

Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island,  

Lussier, Joseph, 1866-1957

Holyoke, Massachusetts; Founder of the newspaper "La Justice" of Holyoke

Lussier, Lauré B., 1900-1964

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Magnan, J. Adolphe

Magnan, J. Roch, ?-1904, Reverend

Muskegon, Michigan

Magnan, M.A.

Maigret, J. Etienne

French Consul, Boston, Massachusetts

Mallet, Edmond, 1842-1907, Major

Malo, Telesphore, 1886-?

Chicago, Illinois

Marcotte, ?


Marcotte, Evariste A.

Kankakee, Illinois

Marcotte, Fred J.

Bradley, Illinois

Marcotte, Jean B., 1865-?

Lewiston, Maine

Marcoux, Charles J., 1909-1977, Monsignor

Saint Augustine Parish, Montpelier, Vermont (2 folders)

Marie Saint Ignatius, Mother, 1774-1837

Marotte, Solange, Mrs.

See Foreier, Cecile

Marsan, Joseph C.

Taftville, Connecticut

Martel, Charles J.

Boston, Massachusetts

Martel, Doctor

Lewiston, Maine

Martel, Edgar, 1915-2007

President of the USJB from 1979-1986 (

Martel, Emelie

Webster, Massachusetts: Director of Drive

Martel, Louis Israël, 1912-1981

Martin, Theophile, 1919-?

Director of U.S.J.B. Department of Propaganda (2 folders)

Mathieu, Alfred J., 1913-?, Reverend

North Grosvenordale, Connecticut

Mathieu, Wilfrid J., 1878-1959

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Maynard, Jean Maurice

West Warwick, Rhode Island

McIntosh, J. Fabien, 1861-?

Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978

Melancon, Joseph

Saint Anne Parish; Berlin, New Hampshire

Mercier, Arthur O., Monsignor

Saint Joseph Church, Salem, Massachusetts

Merklen, Léon, Reverend


Messier, Adelina D., ?-1962

See Messier, Henri J.

Messier, Arthur H., Reverend

Saint Ambrose Parish, Albion, Rhode Island

Messier, Henri J. 1880-1956

Metayer, Lucienne C., 1912-?

(2 folders)

Michaud, Joseph, Reverend

Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours; Holyoke, Massachusetts

Milette, Jean Baptiste Henri Victor, 1842-1917, Monsignor

Saint Louis de Gonzague Parish; Nashua, New Hampshire

Miville-Déchène, Andre

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Molleur, Israel, 1850-?

Montini, Giovanni Battista

See Paul, VI, Pope

Montminy, Joseph F.

Lowell, Massachusetts

Moquin, Edward, 1899-1967

East Hartford, Connecticut

Moquin, Henri J., A.A.

Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts

Moreau, Arthur E.

Moreau, Odilon, 1855-?

Morin, Jérôme A.

Mayor of Biddeford, Maine 1932-1933

Morin, Ludger J., 1869-1922

Danielson, Connecticut

Morissette, Ralph J., 1888-1953

Mayor of Ogdensburg, New York, 1932-1936; 1950-1952

Morneau, Charles

Lewiston, Maine


Murray, J. Terry

Nadeau, Napoléon L.

Biddeford, Maine

Nadeau, Rosaire

Rumford, Maine

Némo, André

French Consul, Boston, Massachusetts

Noel, Arthur

Waterbury, Connecticut; Director of the Drive

Noel, Jaddus

Athol, Massachusetts; Director of 1921 Drive

Noël, Philip, 1931-

Governor of Rhode Island, 1973-1977; 2 folders

Noel, Therese

Princess of the 1939 Mardi Gras in Nashua, New Hampshire

Nolin, Alfred J., 1888-?

Normand, Joseph A., ?-1946, Reverend

Saint Franis de Sales Parish; Waterville, Maine

Normandin, J. Valmore, 1894-1960

Noury, Reverend

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

O'Leary, Edward C., Bishop

Ostiguy, Nazaire D.

Ouellet, Edmond

Ouellette, André, 1928-?, Bishop

Quebec (4 folders)

Page, Rosario J., ?-1941

Fort Kent, Maine

Pampelonne, Charles De, 1915-?

French Consul, Boston, Massachusetts

Paquette, Charles H., 1875-1946, Reverend

Paquette, Maurice

Winooski, Vermont

Paquin, J. Hector

Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island 1927-1931

Paquin, J. Ubalde, 1878-1963

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Paquin, Marie Laure

Warren, Rhode Island 

Paquin, Omer E., 1899-1965, Monsignor

Paradis, P.C.

Millbury, Massachusetts

Parant, J. Edmond, 1874-?

Manchester, New Hampshire

Pard, Robert

Police Department; Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Pardis, Henri L.

Millbury, Massachusetts; Director of 1924 Drive

Pariseau, J.E., Monsignor

Burlington, Vermont 

Paul Bernard, Sister

St. Joseph Convent; Salem, Massachusetts

Paul, Aldea

Paul, VI, Pope, 1897-1978

Pope 1963-1978

Paulhus, Jean Baptiste, 1875-?

Pearce, George H., Monsignor

Pelletier, Joseph, Reverend

Pelletier, Raymond, Reverend

Gardner, Massachusetts

Péloquin, Charles Alexander, 1918-?

Pépin, Émile

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Picher, Jean G., 1888-1972

Winooski, Vermont (3 folders)

Picher, Paul

Winooski, Vermont

Picher, Robert L.

Pilotte, Gloria

Pinsonnault, Paul

Plamondon, W.A., Monsignor

Saint Antoine Parish; Burlington, Vermont

Plasse, Napoléon J., ?-1971, Reverend

Saint Lawrence Parish; Centerdale, Rhode Island

Plourde, Aimé

Lowell, Massachusetts

Poirier, Alfred, 1871-?

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Poirier, Georges, Reverend

Notre Dame Parish; Springvale, Maine

Poissant M., Reverend

Chicago, Illinois

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People

Poitevin, Edmond M., 1866-1960

Poitras, Charles

Salem, Massachusetts

Ponton, Alfred E.

Newport, Vermont

Portal, J.M., Reverend

North Cambridge, Massachusetts

Post, Charles Addison, Mrs.

Pothier, Aram Jules, 1854-1928

Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1894-1896; Governor of Rhode Island, 1909-1915, 1925-1928

Pothier, Aram Jules, Mrs.

See Charmigny, François de

Pothier, Harvey A.

Potvin, J.C. Zephir, 1875-?

Springfield, Massachusetts

Poulin, Lionel

Pouliot, Adrien


Pouliot, Henri, 1852-1921

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Pouliot, Hérené, 1918-?

Bellingham, Massachusetts

Pouliot, Léonidas

Central Falls, Rhode Island; Rhode Island Superior Court Judge

Prévost, Jean Alfred, Monsignor

Notre Dame of Lourdes Parish; Fall River, Massachusetts

Primeau, Ernest J., 1909-?, Bishop

Manchester, New Hampshire

Primeau, Victor B., 1883-1957, Monsignor

Notre Dame de Grâce Parish, Chicago, Illinois

Prince, Antonio, 1894-1973

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Proulx, Achille, 1874-1931

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Proulx, Amédée W., 1932-, Bishop


Proulx, Arthur W.

Mayor of Somersworth, New Hampshire, c. 1944

Proulx, Daniel, 1850-1935

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Prud'homme, Moïse L., Reverend


Purlene, Jean-Baptiste

See Gauthier, Paul Marcel, Reverend

Quintal, Claire, 1930-

Central Falls, Rhode Island; Founder of L'Institut Francais at Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts

L'Union Photograph Collection-- People


Rainville, Georges A., 1858-1920, Reverend

Salem, Massachusetts

Rankin, William J.

Mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, 1931-1933

Rathier, Leon

Raymond-de-Jésus, Sister

Reis, J. Auguste, Reverend

Remillard, Arthur J.

Mayor of Biddeford, Maine c. 1935

Richard, Albina

Northhampton, Massachusetts

Ringuette, Adélard, 1904-?

Riopelle, J. Henri, 1868-1928

Saginau, Michigan (2 folders)

Rioux, Louis Joseph, 1869-?

Fall River, Massachusetts

Rivet, Paul, 1910-1965

Robert, Damase, Monsignor

Fall River, Massachusetts

Robert, Gerald Jacques, 1910-?

Roberts, Dennis J., 1903-1994

Governor of Rhode Island, 1951-1959

Robichaud, Norbert H., Archbishop

Moncton, New Brunswick

Robichaud, Prime, 1865-1936

Gardner, Massachusetts

Rodier, Louis T., ?-1941, Reverend

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Roncalli, Angelo Giuseppe

See John XXIII, Pope

Rouleau, Alfred

Torrington, Connecticut

Roussel, Lucien W., 1920-, Reverend

Routhier, Cyrille Pierre

New Britain, Connecticut; Director of 1923 Drive

Roy, Antonio N., ?-1947

Fall River, Massachusetts

Roy, Joseph Hercule, 1861-1926

Kankakee, Illinois

Roy, Maurice, 1905-1985, Cardinal

Ruest, Florian A., 1869-1994

Pawtucket, Rhode Island 

Saltonstall, Leverett, 1892-1979

Governor of Massachusetts, 1939-1945; United States Senator for Massachusetts, 1945-1967

San Soucy, Emery John, 1857-1936

Providence, Rhode Island

Sanson, J.C., Reverend

Muskegon, Michigan

Sarrault, Maxime E., Reverend

Sacred Heart Parish, Schenectady, New York

Savoir, Calixte

Scheffer, Lionel, Bishop

Labrador, Canada

Sénécal, Egbert

Ware, Massachusetts; Director of the 1922 Drive

Simays, André Edouard, 1900-?

Plattsburg, New York

Soucy, Adélard Ludger, 1886-1931

Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1918-1926

Soucy, Jean Paul

Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1957-1959

St. Germain, Fernand Joseph, 1928-2014

United States House of Representatives for Rhode Island, 1961-1989

St. Marie, ?


St. Marie, Arthur

Old Town, Maine; Director of the Drive

St. Onge, William Leon, 1914-?

Sullivan, Charles F., 1904-1962

Mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts, 1946-1949; Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, 1949-1953

Suprenant, Augustin Joseph, 1882-1962, Monsignor

Sacred Heart Parish, Cohoes, New York

Sutherland, Lawrence O., 1921-1976

Sylvain, Armand J., Reverend

Indian Orchard, Massachusetts

Sylvestre, Ad

Tacconi, Monsignor

Taillon, Alphonse

Bristol, Connecticut

Tancrell, Joseph E.

Whitinsville, Massachusetts; Director of the 1923 Drive

Theroux, Albert E.

See Theroux, Bernard G.

Theroux, Bernard G.

Therrien, Eugene

See Therrien, Lucie

Therrien, Francis

Therrien, Lucie

Thévenet, Claudine

See Marie Saint Ignatius, Mother

Thibault, Louis J.

Waterbury, Connecticut 

Thibodeau, Conrad E., 1879-?

Pawtucket, Rhode Island 

Thibodeau, Ludger

Brunswick, Maine

Thibodeau, Paul D., 1880-?

Fort Kent, Maine

Tiberghien, Charles

Tobin, Maurice Joseph, 1901-1953

Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts, 1938-1945; Governor of Massachusetts, 1945-1947

Tondre, Cecile (Rouleau)

Touchette, Paul, Monsignor

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Tricol, Alphonse, Reverend

Paris, France

Triganne, Louis O., 1860-1931, Monsignor

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Trottier, Albert E.

Bristol, Connecticut

Trottier, Georges, Reverend

Notre Dame Parish; Worcester, Massachusetts

Trudel, Joseph A.

Providence, Rhode Island

Trudel, Monsignor

Saint Joseph Parish, Old Town, Maine

Turcot, Joseph, Reverend

Winooski, Vermont

Turcotte, Eugène, Reverend

Lowell, Massachusetts

Unknown Female

Vallée, Gédéon, 1877-?

Lewiston, Maine

Vallée, Jacques

Director of Quebec Bureau in Boston

Valois, J.H., Reverend

Champlain, New York; Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish

Vanasse, Judith

Vermette, Jacob

Caribou, Maine

Verrette, Adrien Guillaume Francois, 1897-?, Monsignor

Manchester, New Hampshire

Verrette, Moïse

Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, 1918-1919

Vézina, Élie, 1869-1942

Important early leader of the USJB (6 folders)

Vigeant, Robert J.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Vigneault, Rachel

Princess of the 1939 Mardi Gras in Leominster, Massachusetts

Vigor, Lillian

Villemaire, Roméo L., 1912-1982

Plainville, Massachusetts

Vincent, Zéphirin, 1877-1931

Voyer, Joseph, 1857-1926

Weldon, Christopher J., 1905-1982, Bishop

Springfield, Massachusetts

Wellen, William H., 1883-1973

Marlborough, Massachusetts (2 folders)

Wiseman, Robert J., 1871-1942

Mayor of Lewiston, Maine, 1914-1915; 1926-1929; 1933-1935