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French Institute: Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations

Thesis & Dissertation Collection


Amabilis c.s.c., Soeur Marie Henri d'Arles, styliste M.A. University of Montreal 1960
Anctil, Pierre Aspects of class ideology in a New England ethnic minority : the Franco-Americans of Woonsocket, Rhode Island (1865-1929) PhD. New School for Social Research 1980
Aubé, M.-Elizabeth Preject de these- proposal ? ? ?
Barrette, Joseph Armand The teaching of religion in the primary schools of the Province of Quebec M.A. Catholic University of America 1928

Barriére, Joshua

Camille Lessard-Bissonette, Oubilé : Textes édités et présentés par Joshua Barriére B.A. Laval University 2015
Beaupré, Normand Au Fil de l'Eau (published as "Deux femmes, deux rêves : roman  ?   n/d
Bélanger, Damien-Claude  Lionel Groulx et la Franco-Américanie M.A. University of Montreal 2000
Benoit, Josephat l'ame franco-americaine PhD Université de Paris 1935
Boucher, Andrew P. La Survivance : A study of the French Canadians of Lowell, Massachusetts, 1868-1910 B.A. Honors Thesis  Holy Cross 1992
Brassard A.A. , Rev. Francis Origin of Certain Public Schools in the St. John Valley of Aroostook County, Maine M.A. Our Lady of Lourdes Seminary 1967
Brent, Edmund Canadian French: A Synthesis PhD. Cornell University 1971
Brule, Dorilla T. Le Folklore Francais a Central Falls M.A. Boston College 1951
Cadet, Marie Neige Le Francais dans l'Etat du Vermont Situtation et Enseignement ? University of Grenoble 1990
Chabot, Gregoire Entre la manie et la phobie ? ? 2000
Chabot, Gregoire Qui perd sa langue… ? ? 2001
Chassé, Paul Robert Choquette, Poete M.A. Laval University 1951
Chevalier, S.S.A., Sister Florence-Marie Christian Family Living Institutes of the Province of Quebec M.A. Boston College 1953
Chevalier, S.S.A., Sister Florence-Marie Role of the French National Societies in the Socio-cultural Evolution of the Franco-Americans  of New England from 1860 to the Present: An Analytical Macro-Sociological Case Study in Ethnic Integration Based on Current Social System Models  PhD. Catholic University of America 1972
Christian, Jr., George Emile Elementary School Counselor: Norm Expectations and Role Behavior, as Perceived by Elementary School Principals and by Elementary School Counselors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Ed.D Boston University 1975
Coelho, Anthony A Row of Nationalities: Like in a Working Class Community: The Irish, English, and French Canadians of Fall River, Massachusetts, 1850-1890 PhD. Brown University 1980
Colman, Rosalie Marson An Historical Analysis of the French/English Bilingual Education Programs Conducted in Connecticut by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit PhD. University of Connecticut 1977
Covel, Tom Rivers of God: A Teleplay ? ? 1979
Coyle, Eileen F. Annie-Curran-Chasse-Boucher, Epistoliere: Etude Thematique M.A. Rhode Island College 1982
Del Colle, Diane L'Amour Dans le Roman Canadien-Francais M.A. Rhode Island College 1976
Dexter, Robert Cloutman The Habitant Transplanted: A Study of the French-Canadian in New England PhD. Clark University 1923
Doane Jr., Ashley W. Occupational and Educational Patterns for New Hampshire's Franco-Americans ? New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union: Franco-American Research Project


Doiron, Gerald Joseph The French Canadian Migration Into Rhode Island M.A. University of Rhode Island 1959
Dorman, Sherri Sociocultural Aspects of the Use of French in Woonsocket, Rhode Island ? [B.A.] University of Rhode Island 1979
Dubé, Normand Camille Guidelines for the Teaching of French to Franco-Americans  PhD. Ohio State University 1971
Ducharme, Marie-Jeanne (Soeur Sainte-Marie-Fidelis, p.m.) Un Lyrisme d'Ame: Marie Noel M.A. Rivier College 1961
Ducharme, Marie-Jeanne (Soeur Sainte-Marie-Fidelis, p.m.) Poetique de Marie Noel PhD. Rivier College 1976
D'Andrea, Vaneeta-Marie The Women of Survivance: A Case Study of Ethnic Persistence Among the Members of Franco-American Women's Groups in New England, 1950-Present PhD. University of Connecticut 1986
D'Andrea, Vaneeta-Marie The Women of Survivance: A Case Study of Ethnic Persistence Among the Members of Franco-American Women's Groups in New England, 1950-Present PhD. University of Connecticut 1986
Dupuis, William O. "Why Should I Linger Here?" A Study of French Canadians in Boylston, Massachusetts from 1845 to 1905 ? ? 1980
Early, Frances H. French Canadian Beginnings in an American Community: Lowell, Massachusetts, 1868-1886 PhD. Concordia University 1979
Fafard, Therese M. Survivre et Se Taire: L'Experience culturelle des Franco-Americains en Nouvelle-Angleterre come demontreee dans la communaute de Greenville, New Hampshire B.A. Honors Thesis  Amherst College 1984
Frenette, Yves La genèse d'une communauté canadienne-française en Nouvelle-Angleterre: Lewiston, Maine, 1800-1880 ? University of Laval 1988
Gouger, Lina Le peuplement colonisateur de Détroit, 1701-1765 PhD. Laval University 2002
Guignard, Michael James` Ethnic Survival in a New England Mill Town: The Franco-Americans of Biddeford, Maine. PhD. Syracuse University 1976
Guillet, Ernest Bernard French Ethnic Literature and Culture in an American City: Holyoke, Massachusetts PhD. University of Massachusetts 1978
Haebler, Peter Habitants in Holyoke : the Development of the French-Canadian Community in a Massachusetts City, 1865-1910 PhD. University of Massachusetts 1976
Hample, Henry S. "Swing la tabatière au fond d'une boîte à bois": The Contemporary Franco-American Quadrille in Rhode Island M.A. Brown University 1998
Hample, Henry S. Codeswitching and Survivance: The French-Canadian Quadrille in Rhode Island ? Brown University ?
Heyman, Denise-Tania Wilfrid Beaulieu Defender of the French Language and Culture in New England ? Universite de Paris 1983
Jannin, Valerie The Franco-American Cultural Survival in New England (1840's-1992) M.A. Universite de Paris Sorbonne 1992
Koff, Harlan A Community of French Canadians in Worcester Massachusetts: 1870-1930 ? "This project was sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities" ?]
Houle, O.M.I., Reverence Andre Laurent A Preliminary Checklist of Franco-American Imprints in New England 1780-1925 M.A. Catholic University of America 1955
Ladnier, Randall Jean Baptiste et Henriette ? ? 1995
LaPierre, Michael Rosaire Dion-Levesque (1900-1974) et la "Litterature Franco-Americaine" M.A. University of Montreal 1983
Lyness, Richard Mark The Role of La Sentinelle (Woonsocket, R.I., 1924-29) in the Sentinelle Movement and Catholic Church Politics M.A. University of Missouri-Columbia 1997
Mimeault, Mario La correspondance de la famille de Theodore-Jean Lamontagne (1852-1925): La lettre, vehicule d'une experience migratoire PhD. Laval University 2011
Martineau, Francois Morley Callaghan as a Novelist PhD. University of Montreal 1961
[Mayor's All American Committee French History ? ?"This project was started in 1974 in 1978, under the sponsorship pf Hardford, CT. Mayor's All American Committee, consisting of 64 ethnic groups." 1978
Messier, M. Henri (Very heavily marked …paper/mauscript regarding European exploration of America.) ? ? ?
Milot, Arthur Cahiers de souvenirs d'enfance ? ? 1985
Moynihan, Kenneth J. (translator)/Chandonnet, L'abbe T. A. (author) Notre-Dame-des-Canadiens et les Canadiens aux Etats-Unis ? ? 1977 ("rough" translation)/1872 (publication)]
? New England Franco-American Children's Television Project ? ? ?
Oswald, Denise Bissonnette Health Care for the Franco-American Community in Rhode Island, 1900-1925 ? Sarah Lawrence College 1988
Parenteau, Roland(? - professor) Seminaire sur la societe quebecoise M.A. Ecole nationale d'administration publique 1978
Peloquin Fare, Louise Images de la langue et de la culture francaises hors de France: Enquete aupres d'une population franco-americaine de Nouvelle-Angleterre PhD. Middlebury College 1981
Poteet, Maurice The Image of Quebec in Franco-American Fition of Immigration and Assimilation (In English, from 1939 to 1974) PhD. University of Montreal 1980
Rabin, Stephanie The Franco-American Press in New England (1865-1929) M.A. Universite de Paris Sorbonne 1994-1995
Reif, Christine Franco-American Music in New England: Portraits of three contemporary composer/performers ? University of California, Los Angeles c. 1994
Ribes, Christophe Interactions Between the Emergence and Decline of Industrialism and the Rise and Fall of a French-Canadian Community in Woonsocket, Rhode Island (U.S.A.), Since the 19th Century. M.A. Universite d'Orleans 1996
Rompillon, Samantha Portrait et itineraires de l'immigrant dans la vallee du Saint-Laurent au XVIIIE siecle PhD. Laval University 2012
Robbins, Jeffery The French-Canadians of Fitchburg Survivance and Industry B.A. Middlebury College 1980
Rogues, Nathalie Emigration Poitevine et Charentaise au Canada aux XVII-XVIII siecles ? Universite de Paris c. 1990
Rose, David L. The Franco-Americans of Gardner : A Study in Immigration ? Harvard University 1953
Santerre, R. Le roman Franco-Americain en Nouvelle-Angleterre, 1878-1943 PhD Boston College 1974
Schweda, Nancy Lee Goal-Oriented Interaction in the French-Speaking St. John River Valley of Northern Maine: A Sociolinguistic and Ethnomethodological Study of the Use of Verbal Strategies by Professional Community Members Living in a Bilingual Society with a French-English Speech Continuum PhD. Georgetown University 1979
Senecal, J. A.  Achieving bibliographical control over the Franco-American printed heritage; some recent developments and their implications for preserving and interpreting Canada's past ? University of Vermont n.d.
Shideler, Janet Camille Lessard-Bissonette, Oubilé : Textes édités et présentés par Joshua Barriére PhD University of Massachusetts, Amherst  
Silvia, Philip T.  The Spindle City: Labor, Politics, and Religion in Fall River, Massachusetts, 1870-1905 PhD. Fordham University 1973
Smith, Jr., James Monroe Elements of Decadence and their Convergence in the French Literature of the late Nineteenth Century PhD. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1948
Sorg, Marcella Harnish Community formation in Old Town, Maine, 1835-1930: Endogamy and natal origins among the Acadians ? University of Maine, Orono c. 1984
Waldman, Deborah Anne Transcultural Folk Song Survival: Active and Passive Bearers of the French-Canadian Folk Song Tradition in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and Adjacent Towns M.A. Brown University 1976
Waldron, FlorenceMae Gender and the Quebecois Migration to New England, 1870-1930: A Comparative Case Study PhD. University of Minnesota 2003
Weil, Francois Du Quebec en Nouvelle-Angleterre: les Franco-Americains de Chicopee (Massachusetts) 1860-1980 M.A. Universite de Paris Sorbonne 1983
Wood Adrian, Patricia Ethnic and Social Class Differences in Role Strain and Mechanisms of Adjustment PhD. Catholic University of America 1970
Zurek, Nadia Entre marginalite et letitimite: la poetique de l'ambivalence d'Yvonne Le Maitre M.A. University of Quebec 2014

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Usage Policy

For reasons of preservation, French Institute collection materials do not circulate; however, non-rare materials are allowed to circulate through the d’Alzon Library or inter-library loan with the director’s permission.

It should be noted that the Institute’s collection includes a number of Franco-American newspapers from the New England region. Most consist of bound copies and nearly all have been microfilmed. To preserve the bound volumes, the Institute encourages scholars to consult the microfilm copies whenever they are available, for example, at the American Antiquarian Society or the Boston Public Library.